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We're two guys who love to eat out, travel and enjoy life. We'll be sharing our experiences with you and helping you to see how much fun life can be.

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You can still see our Christmas video here!

Hello, we're "Roy" and "Ren" and we love to enjoy life. For years, people have said to us, "Wow, you really love to eat out and travel!" They've asked us, "Where are you eating out this time?” and "Where are you traveling to next?"  So, for all of you, we decided to create a website where we can share those experiences with you.

Our aim in life is to live it to its fullest - to live our dream and to have as many fulfilling experiences in life as possible. When all is said and done, what really becomes cemented in our minds is our memories. Our memories come from our experiences, so why not make the experiences the best we can! 

So with that in mind, our goal is to have as many fulfilling experiences in life, so that we always have those lasting memories. Whatever we do, we make it an experience to remember.

We like to entertain and to be entertained, so we are well aware of what makes a great experience. We like making things personal and fun for people.  The food, the people and the atmosphere are all equally important in creating a great experience. We also look for those things when we go out to restaurants and events and when we travel.

Stay tuned and follow us as we regularly share our life experiences with you.  We will review restaurants, share travel destinations and whatever else jumps out at us!  You will see, when we write and share things with you, that we'll bring in as many details as we can, so you can feel like you were also there with us.

The restaurant reviews we post are the positive ones - the ones that we believe you will enjoy. Of course, we have had restaurant experiences that were not up to our standards, so you will not see a review posted for those. Instead of posting a negative review, we choose to not post any at all, unless for some reason we choose to write a mixed review. Please contact us about a restaurant that you do not see on TwoSquirts to see if we have visited it, and we will be glad to respond.

We want our website to be a mutual sharing experience, so we want you to share your personal experiences with us too. We urge you to comment on our reviews and let your friends and favorite restaurants know about  This will help us to be able to offer you more!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

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Mauna Kea, Big Island, Hawaii

Sharing with you since 2009